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Export opportunities are infinite. Europe and the Americas form high potential markets thanks to continuous economic growth and dynamic consumer demand. Thorough market research and a well thought out market entry strategy are key to become successful and find the right distributor, purchaser, local agent or even joint-venture partner. With our consulting expertise at your side, we assist you in increasing sales, international success and new partnerships.

Sales Increase

We create for you new international relationships that assure an increase in sales. It is our goal to ensure a long-term increase for you.


Partner Search

With your requirements and the information of the target market, we find the right business partner for you. Our job is not done, until we have found the right counterpart and a deal is closed.

Market Research

Thorough desk research combined with in-depth field research provide you with more insights in market structures, competition, market trends, distribution channels, pricing, quality standards, legislation, and anything else needed to determine the best entry strategy for your target markets. 

FDI Lead Generation

With us as a partner for a direct investment attraction as FDI Lead Generation we will attract qualified leads for your investment.



Tailored Matchmaking

We identify and match for you the companies with common business interests services, expertise, technologies or business strengths. We create business connections that enrich both parties in the long term.

Trade Missions

With a track record of over 500 trade missions (co)organized, TRANSFER is considered leading in providing support in the organization of events to governments and federations.


Commited to your Business

We are globetrotters with the determination to get the job done. By building bridges we help companies take the next steps towards intenratinoalization. Our mission is to support anyone achieve fair export. It doesn’t matter who you are, with the right guidance you can be both lucrative and create a world worth living in.

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Latest News

Trade Mission Sustainable Infrastructure & Circular Construction

The Belgian (infra-) construction sector offers many opportunities for Dutch companies. There is substantial investment in sustainable infrastructure and circular construction, and they are actively looking for Belgian-Dutch partnerships in all phases of construction projects. This was emphasized during the Trade Mission Sustainable Infrastructure & Circular Construction that took place on May 19 & 20, 2022 in the beautiful Antwerp Trade Fair, the oldest fair in Europe.

German Retail Market

Both the German retail sector and the German gross domestic product are the largest within europe. This leading sector is also home to trends such as contactless payment, but also organic and environmentally friendly food. Even though the barriers to market entry are relatively high, some Dutch companies have managed to establish themselves in the German retail sector.


Hydrogen as the hope for climate-neutral energy production

Hydrogen is currently playing an increasingly important role in energy production. Besides its versatility and environmental friendliness, hydrogen has several other advantages. Moreover, Germany is a major producer and researcher in the field of hydrogen. So there are also many laws and subsidies in Germany that support hydrogen companies.


TRANSFER Principles

Goal Oriented

We roll up our sleeves and get the job done. All hands on deck to finish the task. Embody vigor. Work towards clear results.

TRANSFER Principles


We want to contribute to society. We help and work with everyone, no matter what religion or backgrounds. This means that young people and women have equal opportunities.

TRANSFER Principles


We are pleasant to work with and nice to be around. Even if we would bluff, we only do it when we know that we can make it happen. We reward honesty of others by giving discounts to companies that have clear CSR/MVO.

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